Why should you hire us?


Strategic goals-focused planning & execution: It is an overcrowded world. We produce the best action steps to get you in front of your customers and we implement them with 100% focus on you & your competition.

We do it honestly, competently and fairly.

Let’s talk about that.

We’re dead honest

If something takes 10 minutes, we won’t bill you for 100 hours.

If it is not a good idea for you to focus on 100 keywords for your local business, we will tell you.

SEO is a lot of detailed, nitty-gritty, consistent work. It’s energy-draining. This is why we won’t fill available time with meetings. You will always be updated—but would never have to sit in low-value meetings with us.

High quality SEO work and results

SEO is about getting customers. 

It is not about ads, tweets, facebook shares, pictures, snapchat, instagram—none of those things. High quality seo work means you get more customers.

The way we approach all SEO projects is by putting all options on the table and then strip it down to the most value-adding action plans and program. No fluff.

Our focus is to hit all your important business KPIs. We make sure every seo activity is defined by the business results it needs to deliver—you will experience this “strong focus” from day #1.

With our strong business focus, we do not have a habit of sending you SEO reports that hold numbers and charts about online marketing metrics that go on for many pages.

We speak in one language only: In terms of your business results. That means: understanding your business and intensely scrutinizing your competition. The outcome is a uniquely focused approach to position you in front of valuable customers.

Posting tweets or sharing facebook posts alone will not get the job done. A high quality seo program starts with “business focus” and ends with business results.



We love BUSINESS RESULTS—we believe you cannot run seo projects any other way!

We value clients, their opportunities & challenges and the meaning we get when we help you reach your business goals. So we work hard to protect these priorities.

If you want to get your story out, contact us at
seo.uk /at / hoshmedia.top.

Let’s give the competition a run for their money 😉