Superfast wordpress plugins review

In our line of work we test and work with a lot of wordpress plugins. It is how we find the best on-page seo solutions for our clients.

You know how some plugins can be really easy to use and some can give you speed issues and literally bring your website to a halt. Of course, the worst ones turns your blog into a white blank page—scary!

In this page we’d like to share (in a lightning-fast way) our views on some of the WordPress plugins we have come across. All reviews are dated versioned for easy reference.

I have not sorted the plugins in any particular order so use Ctrl+F or Cmd+F to see if your plugin is mentioned here.

WordPress plugins review

Jetpack by Automattic (the official WordPress team!) — Adds about 4 http requests. ~19.Dec.2016

CSS Above The Fold by Pau Iglesias, Blogestudio — No visible impact on simple site. ~19.Dec.2016

Above The Fold Optimization by — Tool to create custom gulp file. A very detailed and invasive approach to on-page optimization. Only used on complex websites and setups. ~19.Dec.2016

Comet Cache by Websharks — Not for nginx. Lite version. ~19.Dec.2016


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