SEO & online marketing services in London


HoshMedia SEO specializes in helping small teams and local businesses get online, build a strong business presence in Google, and ultimately increase leads, customers, and sales.

Start SEO. Get found in 2017.

Stop thinking only big companies with giant ad budgets can get online visibility.

When SEO is done right, a blog selling absolutely nothing can appear on the first page of Google’s search results page when users are looking for answers to real customer problems like “roofing contractor in north london”, “plumbing contractor in kent” or “home refurbishment in london sw”.

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Better  marketing.

Old marketing: Pay for billboard ad space. Hope that the right audience with the right context drives by and looks at your ad.

Better marketing: Pay for search ad space with specific “target keywords.” Search ads appear when customers use keywords that match your target keywords in their online searches.

Search ads are targeted (not served blindly to everyone), specific (eg only London internet users can ever see it), consistent (learn more) and driven 100% by data (view example). And it is highly affordable—you can run  £50/week targeted ad campaigns! Did you know that?

HoshMedia has a strong narrow focus: Help local businesses build strong visibility on google search results. This is the only ground where you can beat bigger and older competition. Let’s explore some case examples?

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