SEO Check: Are you ready for Page 1?


What good is your business if people can’t find it?

Welcome to HoshMedia SEO Consulting

If you have a website and your customers cannot find you when they are searching the internet, that is not never a good thing because they will click around—and find your competition.

We help your customers find you on Google and social media by increasing your exposure in a cost effective manner. If you have been wondering how your competitors are so visible in internet searches, we’ll give you the answers and analyze the competition for you.

If you hold to the belief that you are no match for your bigger competitors when it comes to online branding and presence, it’s time to reconsider that. We have experience analyzing the chinks in the armor of bigger competitors and optimizing web brands of smaller businesses to the point they can outdo larger rivals.

The kind of digital marketing we practise is the data-first, ROI-driven kind of marketing that focuses on creating tangible everyday business results—like sales and traffic—and peace of mind. We don’t do hacks (so don’t call us for that), fake reviews, spam marketing or take on backlinks-only projects. (Sorry.)

HoshMedia SEO delivers online marketing services to clients based in Australia, USA, Canada, the UK as well as other countries in Europe.

To find out how to improve your website, contact us for SEO consulting: /at /