Airbnb enters the travel business

Well, it has finally hit the headlines. Surprise, surprise, Airbnb announced Airbnb Flights service to compete with airlines and travel agencies.


New Revenue Sources

Airbnb was busy ramping up Trips, Places, Services, and Experiences when suddenly they added Flights in late-2016 (by the way, they already have Homes).

We should probably call 2017 “The Year of Adding Revenue Sources”.

Is your digital marketing strategy updated and all shaped up to help you grow customers this year?


Airbnb’s story is a great example of how “truly connecting with customers” can unlock the gates of traditional industries and change the rules of the game.

Today hotel chains are silently rushing to have a stake in the “sharing economy”:

Still, I know people in the hotel and travel industries who are absolutely in denial about how things will play out. This is worse than not having an online or digital marketing strategy.

What kinds of new competition and innovative companies are you expecting in 2017, in your industry?

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Image credit: Wired.